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Our Mission
Somerset County’s website was designed to support and promote the citizens, charitable organizations and businesses of Somerset County.

Our PRIMARY ENDEAVOR is to enable all aspects of the community as a whole, as well as the individual communities in conjunction with the local businesses to prosper.

How do we propose to achieve this?
1. By way of complimentary publicity/advertising for all: Local Community Fundraising Events; Local Happenings; Church Bulletins/Events; Area Schools Fundraisers/Sporting Events & Activities.
2. Affordable advertising for the Local Businesses targeted directly to their immediate and desired market areas.

We strongly advocate the support of:
• Local Charities
• Local Churches / Events / Fundraisers
• Volunteer Organizations / Events / Fundraisers
• Local Businesses

• We need to underscore that ALL of the Local Businesses who have opted to advertise on this site have done so to help promote Our Community and Our Local Charities as well as their businesses. It is with the help of their advertising dollars and our investors we are able to provide this community service. We therefore encourage everyone who visits this site to help and support all of these businesses.
Business Specials
LD Custer Realty & Associates P.C.

Ranch Home FOR SALE  Berlin located at 908 Stewart Street.  Priced at $118,00.00.  Call Larry or Pam Custer at 814-267-4769.

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Upcoming Events
Mountain Craft Days
September 09 - September 11, 2016

( 814 ) 445-6077  Quality traditional crafts, demonstrations, entertainment, and home-style foods.

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Seen a picture on your site for My Girls restaurant in Somerset so I thought I would give it a try. Wow are there sandwiches ever good. Anyone reading this Please do yourself a favor and try them out. Friendly service and great food.  P.S.

~My Girls
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