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L. D. Custer Realty ~

Since advertizing on we could actually see a steady increase of hits on our Real Estate Web Site. Our business has definately benefitted from the use of this invaluable tool, and the price is finally affordable. We absolutely get more value for our dollar with this form of advertising. Plus we can post weekly Open Houses and any updates daily, with No Additional Costs. Thank You, Thank You !

Joe Gary ~

Hi my name is Joe and I don't have a business. However I sure look forward to reading the paper in the morning from this sight. I no longer have to drive into town in the morning to buy a paper. Plus I can read pappy Larrys humor each morning, I love this sight. I also enjoy seeing all the new businesses being added daily. Thank you whoever you are for making this site possible. Also Thank you for lettingeveryone know about local events. If it had not been for this site I would have missed the Berlin Firemen Roast Beef Dinner. Thank You Thank You and pleasedon't ever stop. J. G.

Chris Salomone ~

Although I am an American/Canadian Citizen I now live in Canada. Befor I moved to Toronto Ontario I lived in a little trailer in Berlin, PA. Since I still have relatives there I visit often. I am so happy to have this website. It makes me feel closer to everyone living there. I can check out all of the the paper..have a laugh & test my knowledge with the trivia. I also love being able to check out the weather, especially before I head down for a visit. The other thing I like is the ads. Since I don't live there any longer it's nice to be able to go online & find out what's available( we like to shop )& where I can grab a bite, etc. This way when my friends & I come down we'll know how much extra money to bring!!! ( love The Wearhouse )The Canadian's & Americans living abroad thank you!!!  Chris Salomone

Mountain Top Pizza ~

Just wanted to let everyone know that since we advertized on my community we have seen an increase in the amount of customers. Would recommend to any business that is considering advertising to do it. It is worth it !!!

Mary D ~

Hello , Just wanted to say my husband and I truly love this site. My husband travels to Pittsburg daily and it is so nice to click on your sites turnpike conditions. He reads the paper every morning from your site and gets the turnpike conditions before leaving. We are from somerset and we never heard of the Whitehouse Restaurant untill seeing it on your site. We had supper there Fri. nite, and I can promise you we will go back, it was such a treat from the normal restaurants. The atmosphere was so relaxing. Keep up the good work. A loyal follower.

Janice K. ~

I just wanted to say I really enjoy the community site. I think it is nice to have this site available to us. It is a site you don't have to be afraid to let your children go to. Is it possible to get more things on this site for our younger generation ?  Also I really like the Original Website Directory . NICE TOUCH. So EASY to use! The pizza shop in Berlin must love this feature. I know because I use it all the time. Faster than the phone book.

Jerry F ~

Thank  you  all  for this site!  My kids get up every day to read Pappy Larry  with  me.  What a nice way to start the day!

Bowlby ~

Thank u for this wonderful sight. i love the fact that it has the daily american on it and the jokes of the day.i been watching this sight from the begining and enjoy seeing how fast its growing. most important thing is the local emergency numbers right at your finger tips.thank all of u who was involved with this wonderful sight.

Mike Sotosky - Thunder Valley Raceway Public Address Announcer ~


      Just wanted to send a sincere and gracious "thank you" for all that your staff has done these past couple weeks in adding to the excitement and overall experience of a night of thrilling dirt track stock car racing at Thunder Valley Raceway.  

      I hope you realize that I will continue to market your terrific and informative Somerset County website to our fans each and every Saturday night, as well as to those in attendance during the many sporting events that I announce at throughout the year.

      I hope we have turned on many new visitors, from both near and far, to your site and all of the wonderful goings-on in our great County!

Joan Martin ~

Just had to drop a note to say how much I truly love this wonderful site. It is sure a blessing to have a site that is geared around our community and is so informative and easy to navigate. NOTE: I noticed on the "Register to Win" phrase that all the different business's are at the bottom of this page. Just click and go. I have personally visited at least 8 of these businesses now. So easy to find and phone numbers and hours are there for ease. I never have responded to anything like this in my life but thought I just had to say something.  Once again Thanks and keep up the good work.

Sandy V. ~

Just wanted to say I am so glad to see Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken on your site. Having a husband who has friends over for football games all the time and 3 children the coupons on there site are great !! I just used them today. THANK YOU ! We are so fortunate to have this community site here. Sandy V.

LD Custer ~

FORGET-ME-NOT Floral & Gift Shoppe, in Davidsville, WOW ! Two weeks ago my wife & I traveled to the hospital in Johnstown to visit our BRAND NEW LiL Baby Grandson. While going through Davidsville we recognized the sign for Forget-Me-Not that we have been seeing on the community web site. So of course we stopped in. WOW, what a pleasant surprise. 2 floors of the neatest gifts imaginable. While shopping we had a floral arrangement made. The girls waiting on us were wonderful. If you have never been there, I highly recommend visiting the shoppe

A. Yoder ~

I recently was on your site and was surprised to see Whispering Pines on your site. My parents love this community. Anyone who is looking for a great community to retire in this is the cleanest nicest community in the county by far. Thanks for promoting their community. Somerset folks are a wonderful family.

David S. ~

Em's Subs are the "BEST" . Sorry Subway, Sorry Quizno's, But once you eat an "Em's" sub the rest are blah. I usually enjoy an Em's sub at least twice a week, the staff is friendly and the subs really are much better.

Mary & William G. ~

We both just love this website. It is a very nice clean site. Also so full of usefull information. We read both newspapers from your site we go to school districts and love the info..Love all the different business ads. It is just like a directory for about anything we need. We have visited quite a few businesses that we never knew existed because of this site. The business owners must just love this site. We recently purchased a Sunheat Heater from LD Custer Realty because of seeing it advertised on this site, The Custer's were so nice and helpful. PLEASE KEEP THIS SITE GOING. Mary

Brenda D ~

Hello y'all, my sister lives in Jennerstown and I live in Bedford and she has been telling me about this wonderful site for the last year now. When she emailed me the other day to see if I'd seen that you'all have expanded into other county's and that Bedford was one of them I was so excited. We visit your site daily and we just love it. Keep up the good work.

Sue P. ~

Just noticed the NEW "Super Neat Websites" on the site. WOW it is neat. I really enjoy the Restaurants. Everything is sooo easy to find. I printed out coupons from Kentucky Fried Chicken & Pizza Hut. Two of our favorites. THANK YOU. I have never been to the Whitehouse Restaurant, but seen it is located in

Meyersdale. I'm going to have my hubby take me there. Once again Thank You.  Sue

Sally A. ~

Hello Somerset County,  What a great website you guys have. THANK YOU for spreading your info. into our county (Westmoreland). Can you do a site for us ? Please let me know. My husband and I seen the Coal Miners Cafe ad on your site and while on there ad we clicked onto there website (which is so nice to be able to do) we then read about the  Quecreek Miners Site. Needless to say we visited the Quecreek Site & we ate at the Coal Miners Cafe. GREAT FOOD & WOW there HUGE Dinner rolls & BIG dessert is out of this world ! Everyone needs to eat there !! We will tell all our friends. Keep up the good work, and we will be in touch with you for our county.  Sally & Bill


How clever is that! I just got on the website and saw the new addition of "GET WIDGET". Wow it shows all the advertisers at a glance. Very impressive. I love getting into the Somerset County School Districts and bringing up the past history of the towns and the alumni of the schools. Keep up the good work. This site is very creative and has alot of information right at your finger tips.

John L. ~

Just had to drop a line and say how much I enjoy your website. I read the paper each morning, check the weather, read Pappy Larry's humor and I use the business directory and all from one site. So glad you added the business directory, it really makes it easy to locate a business & have there phone number so handy. Beats digging through the phone book.

Kevin M. ~

THANK YOU THANK YOU !! For posting the Listie National Truck & Tractor Pull on your bulletin board. If had not been for your site my brothers & myself would have missed it. We all 4 attended and had a wonderful time. Anyone who has never been there MUST go to the Listie Truck & Tractor pull. Once again THANK YOU and please keep advertising the local events, what a great website !!! Kevin


I moved back to Somerset County in 2007, after living in the DC metro area for 23 years. Since I have been back, I have had a hard time finding what I need. I ALWAYS go to the internet, but rarely found many businesses in the area have gotten on board with their own websites. I am very pleased to see this website and I am jumping on the band wagon! GO TECH!

Jerry C. ~

Hey,  Nice site. I live in New Jersey but was born & raised in Somerset. This is a great site for out of towners to keep in touch with there homeplace. I come here daily.  Thanks

Bill M. ~

Hello  just wanted to say I come to your site daily. I noticed the NEW BREAKING NEWS on the left.  That is GREAT. I love this feature. Your site just keeps getting better & better everyday. What a really nice community site.  Thanks

Elle K. ~

I enjoy this site very much. I really enjoy going to WEB MD. It is so very helpfull. I also like the Business directory. All the phone numbers are right there, and in big print so very nice.

K. Miller ~

THANKS AGAIN for posting the Berlin Firemen roast beef dinner,  also enjoyed the square dancing pictures on the scrapbook, the scrapbook is great. please keep adding more local pictures.

Dreamweaver ~

What a fantastic web Site. As I travel I have constant contact with Somerset Co. and all of its current and upcoming events. It sure is informative , helpful and appreciated. Also, very helpful in finding those needed phone No's when needed. Love the old photo's of Somerset Co. as well.

J ~

LOVE THIS SITE, While in Somerset over the Thanksgiving Holiday while visiting with family my mother told me about this site. IT is super. When I get back to New York I will be Book Marking this site on my computer. I can keep up on all the home news from one conveinent site. THANK YOU, who ever you are. J.B.D.

J. Ream ~

THANK YOU.  My wife & I enjoy the Berlin Fireman Roast Beef Dinner every year. We did not know that the Somerset Firemen also have a Roast Beef & Ham Dinner during the Ice Festival untill we seen it on your site. We marked it on our calendar & plan to go to it with our friends. Thanks again, we just love your website.

Thank You ~

Larry,  Thank you so much for recommending me to this site. Since i placed my ad almost one year ago I have received at least a dozen good leads that used my services. This is one ad that has definetly paid for itself many times over. I will definetly be telling all my friends.  Thanks again. T.S.

Mary R. ~

Love the  JUKE Box.  Great addition.  We have your site on our main page at work all day. We all enjoy listening to great music & no commercials.  Such a nice site.

Heather B. ~

This is a very nice website.  Happy to see that you are supporters of St. Judes Childrens Hospital. They are the best. God Bless you.

M Beth ~

Seen a picture on your site for My Girls restaurant in Somerset so I thought I would give it a try. Wow are there sandwiches ever good. Anyone reading this Please do yourself a favor and try them out. Friendly service and great food.  P.S.

Mary & Donnie G. ~

Not sure how to do this but wanted say THANK YOU for update on Maple Festival. Since moving to Va. 2 years ago for my husbands work your site keeps us connectedto our home place. We plan to attend the Festival now that we know the dates.