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THANK YOU for visiting our community scrapbook, Enjoy. If you would like to add a picture to this site just email to: It is FREE! PLEASE be sure and tell your friends.

We are looking for: humorous, interesting, before & after pictures, hunting, etc.

Be sure & add a small caption for each picture.

*Note: We reserve the right to approve or reject any & all pictures at company discretion.

Affectionately known as baby Berlin Fife & Drum 1 Lazy day on the river about 7 inches
Vetarans Musuem It looks pretty Beautiful send off for Doyle Paul Hamburgers at the Firemen food booth.
Peek a Boo is that SPRING just around the corner ? photo by Dave Hay email us your neatest photo to Eagle on Lake Somerset photo complements of Joyce Gardner KD Electric Spring Forward March 2021
Berlin Firemen Parade Moo Echo Oldtime Winter in Berlin Memories of Christmas past Berlin 1970 photo shared by Todd Dively
Arnold Palmer @ Indian Lake Golf Club 6-15-12 A Dancers favorite flower photo by David Hay Maple Time
Summer yellow rose Photo by David Hay Carl and new little friend Carl & Molly Metzgar Photo by Rusty Glessner Dividing Ridge Farm
Hopefully not too far away. Photo by Dave Hay Berlin Fife & Drum PLEASE Support the local business people on this site. The foundation of OUR COMMUNITY. Keeping everyone on their toes.
Playing Golf with Arnold Palmer ( 6/15/12 )was a dream come true for Colby Custer. Our condolences to the family of Arnolds passing Sept. 25, 2016 Ice Festival Memorial Day chicken BBQ Lucas Hayman with his prize winning pig
Courtesy of David Hay Cousins making pickles Fair Friends Berlin Band
Berlin Band 1 Shriner FUN !!! Photo by David Hay Follow Me
Colby Custer Golfing Spring 2017 at Somerset Country Club Cousins taking a tractor ride Ma & Pa Kia Spring Coming !!!
Awesome day @ Indian Lake Golf Club with Arnold Palmer photo by David Hay 1958 Winter in Berlin Berlin has its own NBC peacock
Jennerstown Speedway Ice Festival Breathtaking by Dave Hay What a day with Mr Palmer
Come to Bowlby Spring is coming SOON !!!! Ma & Pa Kia Mensers Putt Putt
photo by David Hay I just mowed the yard on Friday 04/23/12 Check us out at Jennerstown Speedway !!!